Why choose Vaadin?

Double your team’s web app development speed

98% of Vaadin’s customers report an increase in productivity, saving 39% in costs and 45% in time compared to their previous alternatives. The primary reason cited for choosing Vaadin was that it enables Java teams to become full-stack, thereby facilitating the building of modern web applications.
Vaadin Components

Top 10 reasons


Ready-made full-stack components

Focus on customer value and enhance the quality of the user interface
Feature-rich components for modern business applications
Vaadin Components enable you to move beyond basic HTML elements, elevating the user experience and automating data loading from backend services.
Beautiful out of the box, customizable to your style
Vaadin Components offer a modern aesthetic, designed for cohesive integration, with extensive customization available for both overall design and for each component separately.
Compliant with accessibility standards
Ensuring accessibility for all users is not only good practice but also a legal requirement. Vaadin Components include extensive support with accessibility standards.

Stop waiting for other teams: Go full-stack on Java

Full-stack platform makes it easy for your full-stack team to ship complete features

Eliminate latencies with end-to-end feature ownership

Vaadin's full-stack platform empowers a single team to develop features from the database to a compelling user interface. This autonomy, free from the need to wait for others, eradicates typical coordination delays. As a result, smaller, faster iterations become standard, speeding up time to market and improving overall quality.

Software architecture reflects your organization's structure

Decoupling the user interface from the backend often reflects the organization structure: the frontend team is separate from the backend team. While the specialization can be beneficial, the significantly faster cycle times in full-stack teams often yield much better engineering productivity and quality.

Delegate the complexity of maintaining your tech stack – to us

Web applications are no longer written from scratch. Every modern application is built on dozens of dependencies, each of which is also built on many other dependencies. In total, your application can often depend on over a thousand libraries managed by tools like Maven and NPM.

If you were building your application without a full-stack development platform like Vaadin, your team would need to manually choose the dependencies and their versions, test their compatibility, and maintain them throughout the lifetime of your application. The Vaadin platform manages up to 750 of those dependencies for you, not only testing their interoperability but also ensuring that any security or interoperability challenges are mitigated over the 15-year maintenance period.

Built on modern industry standards

The Vaadin platform stands on the shoulders of giants, leveraging Java, React, and Web ecosystems, which are actively used by 31%, 41%, and 53% of developers, respectively. This ensures long-term stability and easy access to a pool of talented developers
Survey Results
Java ecosystem
The Java ecosystem, established in 1995, boasts a vibrant community with an estimated 9 million developers, ensuring a reliable foundation for business applications.
React ecosystem
React is the most popular frontend framework in the world.
Web standards
The web is a ubiquitous user interface that works on every device. As a continually developed standard, it provides a stable, evergreen foundation for building upon.

Secure by default

Vaadin, a full-stack platform, automatically manages security, offering out-of-the-box secure communications. Boasting an impressive 20-year track record in security, it's the chosen solution for some of the world's most sensitive applications, underlining its reliability and trustworthiness in handling critical data and operations.
Automated communication layer security
All communications are secured by default: no need to remember to manage REST API security by hand.
Supports running UI in securely on server-side
Vaadin Flow framework uniquely keeps UI logic in server. This protects it from inspection and vulnerabilities.
Built-in dependency security monitoring available
Vaadin AppSec Kit monitors for newly discovered vulnerabilities in your application dependencies.
Spring Security support built-in
Integrated with de-facto standard Spring Security authentication and access-control framework.
Keycloak based identity and access management
Upcoming user management features will implement identity management out of the box.
Excellent track record for quick vulnerability mitigation
Company-backed robust security process for reporting and mitigating vulnerabilities.

Automatically migrate your legacy Java projects

Vaadin Modernization Toolkit

The unique source-to-source transpiler automates code migration from Java Swing and legacy Vaadin versions. It can rewrite up to 85% of method calls to modern Vaadin Flow, preserving your user interface, business logic, code structure, and even comments. When modernizing large legacy applications, this automation provides dramatic cost savings, avoids lengthy migration periods, and prevents bugs typically introduced during a rewrite.
Learn about Vaadin Modernization Toolkit

Customer stories

Loved by 100,000+ developers and relied on by some of the largest organizations on the planet. Everything from banks, insurance, health care, to aerospace, and government.
Success Stories

From Java Swing to Web: Unleashing the power of design with Vaadin for HPD LendScape Platform's seamless migration

Vaadin's pattern-driven approach and adjusted methods in migrating HPD LendScape Platform from Swing to Web enabled code reuse, scalability, and improved work quality.
Success Stories

Seamless Swing to Web migration: Empowering Procountor with Vaadin's efficiency and code reusability

Vaadin empowered Procountor Oy to seamlessly migrate from desktop to web in a mere 2 years by efficiently replacing Swing implementations and reusing 100% of their existing back-end code.
Success Stories

A modernization of an advanced backend system by the Norwegian Gaming Foundation

The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority´s application 'Anleggsregisteret' is developed by the Norwegian Foundation and Gaming Authority on behalf of the Ministry of Culture.

Any Java or React developer can join your team

Java developers become productive with Vaadin in just 3 days

Vaadin Flow is pure Java. The easy learning curve of the framework allows even backend developers to become proficient at writing user interfaces in just a few days. Extensive documentation and an online developer certification program assist in training your team and verifying their progress.

React developers feel at home in a full-stack Vaadin team

Vaadin features comprehensive React support, enabling front-end developers to thrive in a full-stack development team. React integrates seamlessly with the backend using the Vaadin Hilla framework, which automatically generates a TypeScript API to bridge Java and React.


Get support directly from the team who built the platform

Teams at Meta and Google, responsible for some of the most popular frontend frameworks, primarily support their respective internal application teams. Vaadin stands out by offering direct access to the team that builds the Vaadin platform. We are committed to listening to your needs and providing hands-on assistance. Our team's sole goal is to help companies like yours succeed in developing business applications.

Expert Chat

A direct channel to Vaadin experts at the click of a button. Ask anything from best practices to architectural advice or APIs, whenever you like and as often as you like.
No Vaadin question is too tough for us, and thats why Expert Chat has a very high customer satisfaction score of 4.7 / 5.

Vaadin Mentor

Vaadin Mentor will help your team to tackle the challenge of building a large business application and make sure you avoid pitfalls during your journey. 
Mentors are senior members of the Vaadin team with extensive experience. They will get to know your project personally and proactively direct your team along the smoothest path to successful delivery.


Open Source core puts you in control

Vaadin has embraced a liberal open source license since 2002, offering most of its products for free to provide a solid foundation for customers. Our open core business model focuses on aiding the development of business applications through the sale of additional software components, tools, maintenance, and support.

Apache license core

Vaadin Core is distributed with one of the most popular and liberal open source licenses: Apache 2.0. The license allows customers to use, modify, and distribute Vaadin core freely, without any limitations. It doesn't require modified versions to be open source, offering flexibility for both open and proprietary projects.

Unmatched 15-year maintenance, with an
impeccable track record since 2000

Vaadin provides frequent updates: minor releases every three months with new features and seamless upgrades, and major releases approximately every two years, introducing substantial changes. Keeping up with the latest version guarantees stability and new functionalities. Maintenance for minor versions continues for three months after release, and major versions benefit from a year of complimentary maintenance. Commercial clients have the option of extended maintenance for up to 15 years, which includes prioritized issue resolution and security updates.
Vaadin Components

Predictable release cadence

  • 24.4.2
  • Bug fixes
  • Trivial update
  • Immediately replaces previous release
  • Weekly
  • 24.4
  • New features
  • Easy update
  • Previous minor maintained for 3 months
  • Quarterly
  • 24
  • New features and removed deprecations
  • Might require rework
  • Previous major maintained as open source for 12 months
  • Every ~ 2 years

Start building with Vaadin now!

We are here to help you succeed. Our specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have, and our technical documentation includes tutorials and copy-paste code examples on the different Vaadin features.