Best Baccarat Strategies

Best Baccarat Strategies

You reading this means that you are a baccarat player that is looking for a way to be a more consistent winner? If yes, then you’ve just got a hotspot! Though, baccarat being a game of chance implies that there is no surefire strategy that will completely remove the ‘house advantage’ (at least that’s why they are there).

This doesn’t mean that you are completely at the mercy of the casino, you both pull the string. These are some proven strategies that can help increase your chances of winning significantly. So let’s dive right in!

One-sided baccarat strategy

And the award for the simplest strategy goes to… Having fun should not involve racking your head and this is why this strategy is for you! We always remember the K.I.S.S strategy (Keep It Super Simple). That’s why we have brought this to you.

At the beginning of your betting, just pick a side whether you are going to be betting player or banker. While this might seem too simple to work, you have to understand the fact that most baccarat outcomes occur in streaks. So even if you lose initially, when you start winning you are able to break even.

But one important thing to note is when to set a stop loss. If you lose three games in a row, you might want to stop for a while until your side starts winning again before you continue again.

The d’Alembert Negative Progression Strategy

Forget the lengthy name and all the math-related words in it, this strategy is a lot simpler than it sounds. This strategy is specifically designed to keep you in the game as long as possible, even when you are losing! Cool right?

The secret behind it is to increase your bet, by one unit when you are losing and reduce it by one unit when you are winning. It ensures that in the long run, you are always making money from the casino.

Let’s see a practical example. Let’s say you are starting your stake from $1.

On the first bet you stake $1 and you lose.

Then you have to stake $2, let’s say you lose again.

You then stake $3 and win, you win $6 and have covered your losses

Then you stake $2 and win again, the $4 you win allows that you take a profit of $2.

Then you start all over again from $1. It is a simple strategy that can help you win in bits, buy if you want a more aggressive strategy then read on.

Martingale Strategy

Unlike the d’Alembert strategy, the Martingale is a very straightforward way of playing. It is not one for those who are not risk takers as you can easily wipe out your bankroll before you begin to win.  The advantage is that you easily gain all that you have lost when you start winning.

Enough talk right? Let’s get to it. Using the Martingale strategy to play real money baccarat online involves you doubling your stake when you lose and playing the same stake while winning.

Confused? Don’t be, it is quite simple to understand. Assuming you start playing with $10 and you lose, you double your stake to $20, if you lose again you double to $40. If you win on the $40 stake, you recoup your loss and you stake with $40 again.

This might be the way to go if you feel Lady Luck smiling in your favor.

The 1-3-2-4 baccarat strategy

Are you a person who is always conscious of his losses while playing? If yes, then this one is for you. The 1-3-2-4 strategy is one that helps you burn through your bankroll slowly if you happen to be having a losing streak. It is an effective way of winning small amounts for while not risking too much to lose all your money.

 It works in a way that you stake only the multiple of the currency and only when you win do you move to the next number, but if you lose you start all over again. It’s not so hard as it seems. For instance, if your first stake is $10, and if you happen to have your lucky lady in the room with you and win consecutively four times, you have a tidy profit of $100.

But if you are on the bad side on that night and you stake $10, you win and stake $30 and lose you just go back and start from $10 again. This helps to lock in your profits and prevent the casino running away win the money that you have previously won.


No one become a consistent baccarat winner without a blazing strategy. Although they do not guarantee you an every time win, it ensures that you always stand up from the table richer when playing the real money baccarat online.

Author: Nicole Phillips