Best Bingo Strategies

Best Bingo Strategies

Bingo is a game of chance, no doubt about that. And there is no calculation to arrive at the probability of you being the one with the correct card. Despite the odds against you, there are many strategies that have been used by seasoned bingo players that will help you win more often than not.

Basic strategies to increase your win

So if you just starting to play bingo for real money online, here are the basic strategies that can increase your chances of winning and overall experience more enjoyable.

Learn how to calculate your odds of winning

How funny does it sound when people ignore the most important part of things? But while playing bingo, it happens almost all the time. A lot of bingo players- both novices and veterans never bother to find out if they are better poised to win or not before getting their cards. If you are serious about improving your chances of winning then, of course, you want to know how realistic it is for you to win during a particular session. The easiest way is to divide the numbers of cards in your hands by the total number of tickets playable in the game. For example, if you have 4 cards in your hand and there are 100 cards in total, it means you have only 4/100 or 4% chance of winning.

Select your own bingo cards

In many of the casinos, you are allowed to choose your own cards. It is quite in line that you come early so that you can choose the best cards. While there is no exactly winning cards, people pick cards for many reasons and it doesn’t hurt to be a little superstitious. While playing real money bingo online, then your cards are chosen randomly. You have the choice to change the card if you don’t like the look of it or if your lucky number is not in it. On many sites, the number of cards you can select is limited to four.

You should be wary of some schemes by many casinos to ensure you hold too many cards. They might introduce a ‘play all you want’ for a certain fee. It is very likely that you will have too many cards to be able to follow the announced numbers. Experienced gamblers advice that you play 4 cards at a time.

Play more cards when players are few

Playing during a period when players are not many can greatly increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. Even though the winnings might be considerably less, there are fewer people going after the same numbers. It sometimes helps to hold a bit more cards when players are few and play constantly. This is because you can build your money and then use it to stake in the bigger jackpots. It also helps to play bingo for real money online during the weekdays, this is because there are fewer people playing then than will be on weekends.

Remember that more money staked equals bigger winnings

The first advice to every gambler is always not to bet more than they can lose, but every move always has a downside to it. If you can afford it, add a little more money to your stake, this ensures that you are qualified to win a big jackpot than when you stake small. As with other casino games, you should be able to go distinguish between having fun and going broke.

Avoid distractions

This might sound too simple to adhere to, but many bingo players actually fall victim of this. As many people get bored and fall asleep during Math lessons, you could also lose focus when someone is just chanting a set of numbers. But if you let your attention waver, you could lose track of the numbers and probably miss your chance to win the millions you dream about.

Don’t be rude

Just as this golden rule applies to the real world, it also applies to bingo. Bingo is much more than daubing, bingo has a community feel to it and it is very important to be nice to everyone around. You shouldn’t show off or rub your winnings in the faces of others, some classic bingo halls can even revoke your membership if you do such.


While bingo might be 99% luck and 1% skill (as they might actually be in classic bingo). Making the most of that 1% that you can control with the correct strategy can help tilt the probability of winning or losing in your favor. So follow these strategies and you will probably be next one to shout ‘BINGO!’

Author: Nicole Phillips