Building on Gemini 1.5 as a Java developer Part 1

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How to create a custom Vaadin UI for an Apache Causeway application

Creating a custom Vaadin UI for an Apache Causeway application

The Apache Causeway project implements the naked objects pattern for Java. In the naked object pattern, the UI is essentially auto-generated based on the domain objects. With only the domain model, and typically some UI hints declared on the domain model, you get a fully functioning UI “for free.” ...
 Learn why modernizing legacy Java Swing apps is crucial to cutting costs, enhancing security, and driving innovation.

Last call for Java Swing: The costs of tech debt are rising, and it’s time to modernize

Tech debt is a massive problem with consequences in store for societies, governments, and individual companies, from small business to enterprise. According to 2022 CISQ research, the technical debt that the US economy has developed would require $1.52 trillion to fix. As time goes on, this ...
Latest news on Vaadin Extended Maintenance

Latest news from Extended Maintenance

Vaadin 7 extended maintenance started in March 2019, and Vaadin 8 in February 2022. Vaadin 23 Prime support has just started in March 2024, and Vaadin 14 goes into extended maintenance in August 2024. So, what have we been doing lately? Let's take a look! Taking care of the infrastructure The build ...
Learn how to open any file with Apache Tika.

Open any file with Apache Tika

I wrote a handy web utility for you. It can read pretty much any file, detect a mime type and some of its other (file-specific) metadata, and preview its content as text. I'm not sure if it is really useful for anybody, but at least I hope it will work as an example of using Apache Tika in your web ...
A minimal OpenID Connect (OIDC)-secured Vaadin Flow application with Spring Boot

A minimal OpenID Connect (OIDC)-secured Vaadin Flow application with Spring Boot

So, do you want or need to build a Java-based web application that is secured by a Single Sign-On (SSO) login? This is a very typical use case where you have part of an application that is not public and requires an authenticated user to access it. You could build a login mechanism yourself, but ...
Minimalist Java apps with Vaadin and Spring AI

Minimalist Java applications with Vaadin and Spring AI

“Fight for Simplicity” has always been our motto. Personally, that has meant I want to keep simplifying my code. This post is an example of that effort. Revisiting AI integration in Vaadin applications A year ago, you could read about Harnessing Generative AI for Business Applications. This ...
Planting trees with Vaadin and

Growing together: Vaadin's commitment to sustainability through planting trees

In an era when human activity's impact on the environment is increasingly evident, sustainability has become a paramount concern for individuals and businesses alike. At Vaadin, we recognize that our actions today shape the world for future generations, which is why we're dedicated to making a ...
IZUM's Migration from Java Swing to Vaadin Flow: Modernizing library operations from desktop-to-web

IZUM's migration from Swing to Vaadin: Modernizing library operations from desktop-to-web

Discover how IZUM's migration from Java Swing to Vaadin Flow modernized COBISS Lib by reusing over 90% of existing code and completing the transition in just two years. This update enhanced mobile support and web accessibility, setting the stage to modernize nearly 1500 Slovenian libraries by the ...
Vaadin 14 is reaching it's end of life. Here's what to do next.

Free support for Vaadin 14 is ending. What’s next?

After five years of free support, Vaadin 14 will reach its end of life on August 14th, 2024. While applications developed with the unsupported framework will keep running, security updates, compatibility patches, and other bug fixes will no longer be available for the underlying platform. We ...