We are a growing, open source company

We started in 2000 with the idea of making web development easier. Today, more than 150,000 developers around the world are using our Java based open source UI frameworks and commercial tools for creating web applications.
Working at Vaadin

What makes us unique

One of the most important things we want you to understand is who we are and what sets us apart. What is our point of difference; what makes Vaadin so unique?
Global Impact
Our technology is used by over 150,000 software developers around the world; what we do has a global impact.
Truly International
Our team is made up of people from around the globe—literally. We have no less than 25 different nationalities represented among Vaadiners. There are Vaadin community members and customers in all corners of the world.
Ability to Influence
We want to help developers deliver amazing business applications - more quickly. Our tools and guidance help developers become heroes; these enlightened developers then have the opportunity to impact billions of people at work.
It’s our belief that every Vaadiner is trustworthy and strives to act in the best interests of the company. We give our people autonomy in your role, empower you to do your work in the way that works best for you, and we enable you to be the best.
Vaadin is a gold mine of experts. We’re passionate about learning and continually share knowledge with one another; everyone is worth our time here.
Work-Life Balance
We’re digital nomads, and we believe that flexible working schedules benefit everyone: Vaadin the business, Vaadiners themselves, and your families. We offer you flexibility when it comes to deciding when to work and where to work from.

Vaadin is among the frontrunners as a workplace!

Vaadin has received the Future Workplaces 2023 certification, which is based on the Siqni employee survey. The certification is granted to companies, where the company culture is led with exceptional employee insight.

Vaadin Culture Code

Our ultimate objective is to create the best possible environment for us to fulfill our mission, together. The Vaadin culture code defines what culture means to us at Vaadin, and empowers all Vaadiners to strengthen our culture through your ideas, actions and personality over the coming years. Look at this as a snapshot into the most important aspects of our culture, history, and what life’s really like at Vaadin.
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Working at Vaadin

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