Emperor Augustus

Emperor Augustus

One of the first emperors that we are reading about is Emperor Augustus. He was an emperor during the year 63 BC. One thing he loves for sure was gambling. He was as known as one of the first emperors that were losing money because of gambling. It might not have been the same type of gambling we know today, but they had their own form of gambling, casino games, and sports betting, and we have safe casinos.

Who was Emperor Augustus and why is there still information about him available? What is making him so popular, and why is there so much info about him and gambling? This is everything you want to know about Emperor Augustus and why he made gamble popular.

Who was Emperor Augustus?

Emperor Augustus was the first emperor of the Roman Empire. He was born on 23 September 63 BC and died on 19 August AD 14. He was the founder of the Roman Principate has consolidated an enduring legacy and is known as the most effective leader of all times.

He was born as Gaius Octavius and later became Emperor Augustus. He might have been a successful and the most effective leader of Rome, and of all times, but he had his faults. Which was his love for the gamble? He was not only the first Emperor, but he was also the first one to become addicted to gambling.

He was known as the Emperor that have the most losses with gambling

When you are thinking about other emperors of the Roman Empire, you might see that most of them love gambling. Some cheat to ensure that they never lost. While others just gamble and placing bets to games where they know they would win.

However, this wasn’t the case with Emperor Augustus. He was known that between all the emperors that ruled Rome, he was the one emperor that have the most losses because of gambling. Even his fortune, his status, and his name didn’t prevent him from losing. Let us think about today and gambling and betting. It doesn’t matter who you are today, you can lose your fortune and status within a couple of hours, because of making the wrong bet or gambling too much money and losing everything you have.

Emperor Augustus was also the first “almost” gambling addict

When you think about gambling addicts, you think that this is only something that can happen in our modern days. Because of all the different ways that one can gamble and can place bets on. You can go to a real casino or an online casino. There are even sites where you can place sporting bets.

However, this isn’t the case. Did you know that Emperor Augustus was the first gambling addict? Or, so they claim. Because he has lost all his money to gambling and he still couldn’t stop, he was an addict or come really close to being an addict to gambling.

The Colosseum. The place where the Emperor gamble the most

Think about our safe casinos, all over the world. It is always so huge, and impressive. It is basically if the building is saying that that you are invited, and that you should come in and try your luck. If you think that this is only because of technology and our modern times, then you should think again.

We all know the Colosseum in Rome. Do you know what they have used this impressive building for? For gambling. Just like today, they knew the importance of having a building that is impressive and inviting. Today, we are still able to visit the place where Emperor Augustus was gambling all his money away. And, if you think how old this building is, you need to admit that this is truly impressive.

Gambling back then, versus now

Even with centuries between us and Emperor Augustus, there are some similarities between our way of gambling and their way of gambling. They have gambled everything they had, just to try their luck one more time. This is the same with us. Especially in the illegal casinos.

They have some of the similar casino and betting games that we have today. Ours might be more modern, but the principle is still the same. And, today there are still so many people that are gambling everything they owe away. Becoming addicted to gambling, just like the emperor.

Emperor Augustus lived during the BC period. Long before our ancestors. However, when we read about his gambling habits and some of our gambling habits, then there are some similarities. We might think that there wasn’t gambling back then, but we are wrong. They loved gambling and betting just as much as us, even if we have safe casinos where they only had the colosseum.

Author: Nicole Phillips