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Develop Web Apps in Java

Build scalable user interfaces in Java, using the integrated tooling, components, and design system.


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Vaadin platform comes with 40+ UI components.


Vaadin Grid is a component for displaying tabular data, including various enhancements to grid renderings.

Combo Box

Combo Box allows the user to choose a value from a filterable list of options presented in an overlay.

Date Picker

Date Picker is an input field that allows the user to enter a date by typing or by selecting from a calendar overlay.


The Button component allows users to perform actions. It comes in several different style variants and supports icons as well as text labels.

App Layout

App Layout is a component for building common application layouts.


AppSec Kit

Identify and manage security vulnerabilities in third-party dependencies.

Azure Cloud Kit

Create scalable, highly-available, easily upgradable Vaadin applications, and deploy them to Azure Cloud.

Collaboration Kit

The simplest way to build real-time collaboration into web applications.

Design System Publisher

Create a documentation website for your own Vaadin-based design system.


Create UIs visually by dragging and dropping components on a canvas.

Kubernetes Kit

Deploy your Vaadin application to Kubernetes, enabling scalability, high availability, and rolling updates.

Multiplatform Runtime

Run applications and components written with Vaadin 7/8 inside a Vaadin 10+ Flow application.

Observability Kit

Get insights into Flow applications at runtime and in production by monitoring application health, detecting unhandled errors and performance issues, and observing user behavior.


Integrate your Vaadin application with third-party identity providers, and give users single sign-on capabilities.

Swing Kit

Swing Kit is designed to render Vaadin views inside Swing applications. You can gradually modernize your existing Swing application using Vaadin, upgrading the application view-by-view.

Theme Editor

Change the web component color, font size, and more in your views without doing code.

View Builder

Create new views with custom layouts and components without touching code.

Component Locator

Use Component Locator to identify components in views and find their source code in your IDE.

AI Form Filler

Use natural language input sources to fill automatically forms created with Flow using AI LLM models.