Slot Symbols: Three Cherries

Slot Symbols: Three Cherries

We all love cherries, but what could be better than a cherry? Two cherries!

And what could still be even better than two cherries? Three cherries!

What it means

Getting three cherries is getting the jackpot. Winning three cherries is something that you ought to feel proud of yourself for.

Think of it like the gold medal or silver medal of the slot machine!

Winning three cherries usually means winning big money.

Getting this symbol is something to write home about. It’s either the best or second best thing that you can get on certain machines.

If you want to increase your chances of getting it, a good place to be is in the lounge. These machines will give out more money in order to lure people inside.


The history of this symbol can be traced back to the prohibition era.

During this period of American history, there was a lot of crime happening. People would steal and commit violent crimes as if they were nothing.

In order to combat all the badness, the government banned alcohol and gambling. Therefore traditional slot machines were banned.

To combat this, instead of winning money, you would win packets of chewing gum.

The flavour of gum you got would depend on what fruit you got on the machine. Even after prohibition ended, the fruit had become so popular they stayed on the machine.

What it meant back then

In these times, if you would won, your prize would vary from bar to bar.

In some of them, you might just win an extra packet of gum. And in other places, you would be able to go to the bar, and collect your prize.

This prize would vary from bar to bar. In some it might be a drink, perhaps some peanuts, or maybe even some hot food.

But regardless as to what your prize was, you could be happy knowing that you’ve won it!

Today, we don’t do chewing gum or bar treats, we do money. B

Why cherries are great

The cherry is an incredibly popular fruit. And there’s good reason for it.

Even if you’re just eating it raw, it’s a sweet and juicy fruit, with a tiny little kick of sourness to help make the flavours really pop.

You can also turn them into amazing treats. One of the most famous deserts from the south is of course the cherry pie. It’s soft gooey cherries surrounded encased in a crispy pastry.

The popularity of cherries is likely what made people choose them as the symbol of the jackpot during prohibition. When we think of cherries, it’s almost impossible to think of anything negative.

Why getting it is good

When you sit down to play one of these games, the three cherries should be something that anyone with a speck of ambition should be aiming for.

Getting one of these is a definite kerching moment. In the unlikely case that you win this, then you’re going to have plenty of money to spend for the rest of the evening.

Or, you could just go happy feeling happy and smug about what you’ve already won.

But even if you don’t get the three cherries (which you probably won’t) you can still take great pleasure in the excitement of trying to.

Will you see it?

If I had to describe the commonness of this symbol, it would probably have to be “relatively”.

Whilst it’s very easy to see a machine that uses this symbol, seeing one that doesn’t isn’t particularly rare or strange.

Whilst some machines use the three cherries, other machines could use symbols such as the bell or the bar symbol instead. There might even be some machines that use the 3 cherries as a silver medal and the bell as a gold medal. Or machines that use the bar symbol as a silver medal and the three cherries as the gold.

Three kinds of machine that use it

Here are three of the kinds of slot machines you might find the three cherries.

The classic machine. There’s nothing simpler. You put the cash in, pull the lever, and pray for the best.
The progressive. Each spins allows you to build up more points. This can increase the risk, but it can also increase the chances of you winning big.
Multipliers. The concept is actually pretty similar to the classic. The only difference is that the more money you put in, the higher the possibility of winning big.


The three cherries is a great sign and it means you’ve done something right. The only thing sweeter than three cherries is the money you can win with it.


Author: Nicole Phillips