Modernization Toolkit

Automate the migration of your Java applications from aging frameworks
to modern web frameworks.
or more of the code can be
automatically converted
lower cost of modernizing
a Java Swing app
lower effort of developers
and testers over rewrite

Ready to kill the tail on legacy dependencies and bring your Java Swing application to the future?

Download our white paper, ‘Modernizing Java Swing Applications: A Five-Step Blueprint for Decision-Makers,’ to learn how to automate your Swing-to-Web migration with the Vaadin Modernization Toolkit.
Vaadin Modernization Toolkit

Give your application’s features
a new life on the latest
web standards

Vaadin Flow is one of the most comprehensive and modern Web frameworks for building enterprise-critical applications available today. Companies are able to include the latest Java features, W3C specifications, and many best practices in their applications simply by migrating to Vaadin Flow. Vaadin Modernization Toolkit makes the migration easier than ever to accomplish.
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Get the job done with automation

Many conventional Java modernization projects adopting a phased approach can take years to complete, and developers often lack the motivation to finish. The automation provided by the Vaadin Modernization Toolkit can refactor the bulk of your Java code so you can quickly kill the tail of legacy dependencies and move forward with an architecturally coherent new application.

Fully customizable transformations

The Vaadin Modernization Toolkit includes a default set of transformation capabilities, enabling the most common features found in legacy frameworks. These can be extended with the APIs used in your application or customized if your application has tailored the legacy technology with non-standard behavior.

Trusted by award-winning companies to create award-winning software

From the list of the most influential FinTechs to the Best SaaS from the Cloud Awards, companies rely on Vaadin to create cutting-edge applications that make a big impact. The Vaadin Modernization Toolkit gives you a boost to accelerate your Java migration to modern web apps.

Java migration, not emulation

The Vaadin Modernization Toolkit helps migrate Java applications to Vaadin Flow, Vaadin’s open-source framework for building web applications with Java. After the migration, there will be no remaining dependencies on old frameworks such as Swing, SWT, or JavaFX. The Toolkit supplies useful features familiar to developers from old frameworks in a Feature Pack, but it does not emulate technologies like Swing.

Code readability built-in

We built the Modernization Toolkit to produce code that humans can read and maintain. Your transformed application sources retain the original structure, naming conventions, comments, and whitespace. Changes made by the transpiler are almost always applied within the same line of code, meaning your developers can confidently take ownership.

Fine-tuning: Reach your target automation with a fixed-price guarantee

The engineers at Vaadin offer a fixed-price Fine-tuning service to improve the Standard Rules, Custom Rules, and Feature Pack to reach a higher degree of automation for your application. The transpiler can also be iteratively improved to automate a higher percentage of the work.
Customer case

Procountor made a UX-first accounting software with Vaadin

When Apple dropped support for their own JVM, we had to start supporting a Swing version of our app as well. The abstraction layer made it a natural choice for us to do the same with Vaadin, knowing that the API was so similar to both Swing and AWT. And that's what we did. Quite successfully I might add.

Lauri Lehtonen
CTO, procountor
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Modernization, not just migration

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Make the app usable with modern
devices on web browser
A cost-effective transition
Improved look and feel
Faster performance
Moving the app to run in the cloud